Below are SMTP instructions to send to your IT dept.

1) Make sure the local SMTP service is running and in "automatic" startup mode.

2) Check that the correct SMTP info is in the survey application web config in the below lines:

<network host="" port="25" userName="username" password="password"/>
  <add key="smtphost" value=""/>    <add key="smtpport" value="25"/>    <add key="smtpusername" value="username"/>    <add key="smtppassword" value="password"/>
    <!-- SMS TEXTING SMS GATEWAY PROVIDER SETTINGS -->    <add key="smshost" value=" "/>    <add key="smsuser" value=" "/>    <add key="smspassword" value=" "/>    <add key="smssender" value=" "/>

3) after correcting the above issues - test again:
login to SelectSurvey.NET as adminClick "admin tools" > "SMTP utilities" > "Send test email" and ensure email is working.